What is Monkey101?

Monkey101 is an all-new way to discover talented people sharing their knowledge in your local community and online. Enrich your life with a range of skills you never knew you needed! On our site you'll be able to find courses in languages, ESOL, music, photography, trade skills, martial arts, upholstery, school tutoring, driver training, IT skills, business, and many more. Get started today by creating a free 'Learner' account. 

Share your knowledge

Monkey101 is developing a community of learners eager to engage with freelance tutors. Courses can be one-on-one or groups/workshops, hosted either in-person or with videos online.

Want extra income?

If you're an existing tutor, Monkey101 is a great platform to host your courses for greater reach and features, and we handle all payments and invoicing. Sign up as a 'Tutor' to find out more.

In Development

Monkey101 is still in beta, and many new exciting features are in development. Product announcements will be published on our blog, and if you've got an idea for a feature, email feedback@monkey101.nz.

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